Hwayobi- Woman Like Me

Hwayobi celebrated her 10th anniversary as a singer with her self titled album released earlier this year( Check out the review here) and released her self composed mini album, Woman Like Me last week. Many people know her as ‘dog poop’ from variety show We Got Married where she was in a fake relationship with Fly To The Sky member, Hwanhee.

나 같은 여자 (A Woman Like Me) is a ballad about a woman’s thought about love. The thing I love about this song is that it’s so simple and the violins along with her husky voice compliment each other. It’s an emotional song, with beautiful lyrics.

나쁜 남자 (Bad Guy) is dark and depressing. I feel like this was written after the split of Hwayobi and her boyfriend Sleepy ( Untouchable). There isn’t anything that stands out in this track to me.

U N I brings a fresh sound from the singer with her first try at British rock and it’s really good.  The combination of hard guitar with her soft voice is a nice mix and the English in the song:

If You don’t stand for something, then you don’t stand for nothing/You and I You and I

actually makes sense, so kudo’s to Hwayobi for writing this.

I love, love, love the 나 같은 여자 (Acoustic Guitar Ver.) (A Women Like Me, Acoustic Guitar Ver.)( kinda more than the regular version, but don’t tell anyone). The songstress was accompanied by renowned guitarist Ham Choon Ho. It’s relaxing with guitar and I feel like both versions are beautiful , but this has the most plays 🙂

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