BoA Hurricane Venus

The Queen is back! After a 5 year absence from Korea ,with her last Korean album Girl’s On Top (which was probably her best Korean album), BoA returns with Hurricane Venus.

The album starts off with GAME, this synth pop track that’s really fun, but nothing really stand out about this track. I’m glad that it wasn’t the title track because it’s pretty mediocre compared to the other tracks.

Hurricane Venus sounds like a tribute to SHINee with the random strew of English and f(x)’s beat in Nu ABO. I have a love/hate relationship with this song; when it was first released I didn’t like it and after the comeback stage I liked it and after giving it a few more listens I love it. DANGEROUS is another dance track that also has a synth beat with a little bit of auto tune. This was an okay track not exactly my favorite, but it’s a good dance song.

옆사람 (Person Next to You) is not my cup of tea at all. It’s just an average slow song with no oomph; there’s no climax and it’s pretty flat. Amazing singer/song writer Kim Dong Ryul wrote this , but I’m very disappointed. M.E.P(My Electronic Piano) has a Nothin’ On You-B.O.B beat to it; totally laid back. Not really a dance track it’s just a chill track and I love it.

LET ME sounds like BoA’s trying to rap and I’m not really feeling it. There’s a really weird harmony in the bridge that just doesn’t really go with the song. It had a GAME beat to it, but just not as catchy. Not really a fan of this song. 한별 (One Star) composed by Kim Jong-wan from Nell and this is so vulnerable. It gives off this feeling of losing your first love. The acoustic guitar and piano compliment BoA’s voice.

ADRENALINE is another dance pop track filled with synth. It’s interesting; I don’t really like the song, its just too much synth. 하루하루 (Ordinary Day) is the song BoA wrote about all of her frustration about being alone. It’s a nice little mid-tempo track, but not that great. The song starts to climax, then never quite makes it there.

Don’t Know What To Say includes BoA’s older brother/classical pianist Soon-Hwon Kwon. I feel that BoA really gave her all on this track, maybe because her brother helped her with it? Who knows, but this song is filled with so much emotion. I loved how bare this is; just her voice and the piano. Wonderful! Romance is pop-jazz style ballad that has a simple instrumental arranged by jazz pianist Song Young-joo. This reminds me of Natalie Cole and Christmas time for some odd reason. It gives off a cozy ‘in front of the fireplace’ feel; very romantic.

Overall Review:
BoA made this her own and it was fun and sentimental. I could feel the emotions coming through the songs. A great comeback for an artist who was missed.
Recommended Tracks: GAME,Hurricane Venus,M.E.P,One Star,Don’t Know What To Say,Romance

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