SeeYa Rebloom

After all the drama with Nam Gyuri, SeeYa are back with a new album, a new member(Lee Soomi) and a new sound. They definitely rebloom with this new album!

Album: Rebloom
elease Date: 26th October 2009


1 그 놈 목소리
2 ì•—ì°¨!

3 눈물의 여왕
4 바람핀다 믿었니
5 T-Gana

The album starts off with dance track ê·¸ 놈 목소리/Gunam Moksori/His Voice . This is different from what most SeeYa fan’s remember, this was written to get stuck in your head and make you dance. It was written by Lee Min Soo, the same person who wrote two of  Brown Eyed Girls hits (L.O.V.E and their summer hit Abracadabra). The song talks about trying to get over someone, but you can only remember his voice.(MV)

Next up is ì•—ì°¨! /Atcha!/Oops . This song is infused with a Latin beat and guitar. This song kinda gave me a headache, the weird noise it had going on in it was too much, but on the bright side, there’s no autotune.

SeeYa fan’s get happy, we finally have a ballad. This is what they are known for. 눈물의 여왕/Queen of Tears.  This song talks about basically all the memories a girl remembers from a relationship.I like the blending of their voices.
Another ballad 바람핀다 믿었니 This is a sweet ballad  is basically a girl asking her boyfriend, “Did you think I was cheating?”

 T-GANA is a fun dance number, but too cutesy for me.I only like the bridge(2:15-2:22) What does T-Gana mean anyways? Well according to jijinhun@youtube”it means like unusual….or different from others” (Thanks). If you wanna hear the new member, Soomi, she sings parts  from :30-:47 and 1:30-1:46 and 2:24-2:36.


Overall Rating

3/5 Some of the tracks  could’ve been better

Recommended Tracks

His Voice, Queen of Tears

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