Gilme Love Actually

Rapper-singer, Gilme finally released her album and I think I was the happiest person. She has so much talent and some say that she’s the next Tasha. Her first full length album includes all the songs from her Love Cuts single,digital single’s ‘Love Is War’ with speed rapper Outsider, Why You and Me with Jung Yeop.Plus, three new tracks: Sorry I Love You with K.Will, XOXO and 미남이시네요 with Lisa.

Since I reviewed her Love Cut’s single, I won’t reciew the tracks again. Read it here.

ë„Œ 나를 왜 (Feat. ì •ì—½ of Brown Eyed Soul)/Why You and I started off the album with a melancholy feel. Gilme starts off with a rap filled with emotions of longing followed by Junp Yeop’s sweet voice. This track doesn’t really have Gilme singing in it, but shows off her rapping skills. 미안해 사랑해서… (Feat. 케이윌 K.Will)/Sorry I Love You is the principal track for the album and I fell in love with it after one listen. I really love the way Gilme’s nasal voice and K.Will’s rich voice combine. The song is a mid-tempo song with a strong rap from Gilme overlapping K.Will singing ‘don’t go’. The raindrops throughout the song add a nice effect.

Gilme and Lisa worked together earlier this year when Lisa released her single ‘Shall We Marry’ for a live performance. The pair are close friends and it wasn’t too suprising that they teamed up again for 미남이시네요 (Feat. 리사).
XOXO (Narration 신정환) has more of a autotuned sound. I don’t really like this song because Gilme’s voice is annoying. I feel like she’s trying to belt out the notes too much instead of just singing them naturally.Fly High is another heavily auto-tuned track. The song sounds cute and would be a song that I could imagine a girl singing to her boyfriend.

사랑은 전쟁이다 (Feat. 아웃사이더 (Outsider)/Love Is War is like a battle to me between the two rappers. Outsider is known as Korea’s speed rapper and Gilme came back at him with some speed. I like the piano melody in the intro when the two are just speaking. The MV is something different from the singer too, since she usually isn’t in her video’s. It features a woman going to prison for what I think, killing her boyfriend for lying to her. After such a hard hitting, in-your-face song , Gilme slow things down with 이름만 들어도.

Gilme’s first full length album was good, but I have one complaint in that I wish she would’ve had more new songs since we’ve already heard the songs released as digital singles. I give this album a 4/5 since we’ve been introduced to this material already. I can’t wait to hear what she brings us next.

Recommended Tracks: Love Is War, Sorry I Love You and the other songs.

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