Song Ji Eun Going Crazy

When I heard that Secret’s Ji Eun was doing a solo I was estatic because she has the prettiest voice I’ve heard in a long time and I really enjoyed hearing her do a cover of Hwayobi’s song. Then the actual song came out and I wasn’t feeling it at all; in fact I was kind of disappointed that it didn’t have that umph I was wanting from her.

But like the good reviewer I am, I decided to give Going Crazy (ft. Bang Yong Kook) another try. I like to think of the song as a slower,woman’s version of Emininem featuring Rihaninna’s Love The Way You Lie only because of the beat. I do enjoy the fact that this song is dark and not all fake, cutesy throw up that is always shoved down our throats from the influx of girl groups. The best part of the song for me is the piano intro. I give the song a 3/5.

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