After School Bang!

After School just keeps getting new members with every new single! So they added Lizzy and Nana during their Bang! promotions. I still don’t really get their relevance in After School, but the new members plus Raina made a sub group, Orange Caramel.

I was so impressed by this single, but then again After School never really tend to disappoint.  They went for a completely different concept by using drums like a marching band for the title track, Bang! As soon I heard Bang! I was in love. The middle 8 is gorgeous! I need more Ga Hee singing.

Let’s Do It features the girls actually playing drums with a short sequence. Totally impressed me because how many pop girl groups play their own instruments and in sync at that? That’s what I thought. Following  Bang is a ballad, With U and it’s my favorite song. Ga Hee wrote the lyrics. I’m so happy that they gave the girls who can sing a chance to shine. I was starting to miss Jung Ah’s voice, so pretty. I don’t know if the entire group is singing this but I know Bekha, Jung Ah, Ga Hee and Raina are in the song and they sound really good.

I loved this single, but I want another album from them. One with more songs like With U. I also need Ga Hee’s solo that I was promised. Awesome single ‘ll give it 4/5.

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