Perfume – VOICE

01. Voice
02. 575
03. Voice (Original Instrumental)
04. 575 (Original instrumental)

Perfume has been pretty busy this year and they continue onto their 10th anniversary year with the release of theri 16th single, VOICE released on August 11, 2010. After their previous single in April, they continue to release another techo-pop song which they do best as always.

VOICE is…alright but not the kind of thing I recommend. I honestly can’t even remember much of it but the Chinese-style melody sticks in my head. This song ranks at #2 in the Oricon Chart and I honestly agree, it’s not #1 material but still good.

What I like about 575 is it’s mid-tempo beat. It’s different from the usual Polyrhythmn and Nee that they usually do. And what’s more is they add a rap in the song which the members have never performed before. The lines in the chorus have 5, 7, 5 moras, like haiku, as the title tells which is quite clever.

I recommend getting the songs more specifically 575 because that song is different to Perfume’s usual style but in a good way.

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