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K-Pop is a cult. J-Pop is my reliever from K-Pop. But music is my life. I'm 17 and living in London, the city that Korean artists come to for shopping or photoshoot trips then leave without a word. Sigh... Anyways, you'll see me review from time to time and the artists are usually: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Wonder Girls, 2PM, Jay Park, BoA, Super Junior, f(x), 2NE1, Jewelry, Brave Brothers, Lee Minwoo, KARA, After School, 4minute, Secret, T-ara, miss A, Rain, Se7en, Lee Hyori, Big Bang, Son Dambi, Epik High, 2AM, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Goto Maki, Yuna Ito, May J., Ayaka, Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, C-ute, Matsushita Yuya, YA-KYIM, Buono, Ai Otsuka, Leah Dizon, Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, Jay Chou. And that's just Asian artists...

2PM Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

Here’s another collaboration! This time with Arie J and NyNy. I’m in the regular type and NyNy is italicized.

2PM released this mini album after the whole ordeal with Jay leaving the group. I honestly don’t remember this because I wasn’t really paying attention to K-pop at the time , I was more preoccupied with J-pop.

Despite what happened in February, 2PM still made a comeback against all odds. What can I say? They are brave. I come back from holiday and didn’t know what to say really. I guess they were going to make a comeback sooner but I would have expected it to be later this year.

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Perfume – Nee/ねぇ

01. ねぇ (Hey)

They can sing without the auto-tune yet they use it. Perfume is known as a Techno-pop 3 member group in Japan and quite successful. There’s something about Perfume and their strange attempt since debut to use autotune in their songs that actually is quite successful and makes me go back to the J-Pop scene.

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SHINee Lucifer

A first on Earcandy Express, it’s a collaborative post between BUMP This (Music4urSoul), fangirltainment (fangirltainment), NyNyOnline (NyNy) and saranghaejkpop (Saranghaejkpop)! I am pleased to get this started as I have wanted to do this collaborative post for a while and it is finally happening. ^^ This is only part 1 of the collaborative post on Earcandy Express and it will carry onto one of our other blogs. For now, we are posting our review on SHINee’s 2nd album, Lucifer. Continue reading SHINee Lucifer

SHINee – 2009, Year Of Us

Arie J: Thanks to my friend Nyny for writing this SHINee review, tell me if you like it!
First time doing reviews on saranghaekpop! ^_^ Hope you all enjoy!

The end of 2009 saw SHINee releasing yet another third mini album, Year of Us which I find to be considerably better than their previous second mini album, ROMEO. I feel like SHINee’s stepped up their game with this album indeed and title track song, Ring Ding Dong. Continue reading SHINee – 2009, Year Of Us