Video Analysis: XIA- Incredible feat. Quincy


XIA (준수) Incredible (인크레더블) (Feat. Quincy) M/V

First of all, let me start off this post saying that I did not even know Xia was going to release a solo album ( that’s how out of touch I’ve been with K-pop). Anyway, Xia released this video right before his album showcase (can be viewed here) and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Let’s talk about color and design on this video first. These colors are bright and fun and very appealing for the summer for most of the video and then switch to some gold for solo shots. There are three main scene’s for the video: a bedroom, a living room/social gathering area, and a empty garage-like space.

I really like that the video matches the song and I like the song too, but I’m not going to go into too much detail about that since the full album review will be posted in a few days. The choreography for the song is high energy and fun; fitting perfectly with the song. Once again, everything just fit!


  • The rap from Quincy was a nice touch and not too over powering and not a weak rhyme either; just a really good fit for the song.
  • Lot’s of international love in the video
  • That kiss! Smoking hot!


  • Nothing; I really liked this video.

This is probably one of the few videos that I just really love; every element of the video complimented each thing and it showed in the final product. I like  how happy everyone looks in this video; it made me want to go to every party Xia is at. 5/5 all the way!

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