Video Analysis: Bang Yong Guk ‘I Remember’

So after I heard Bang Yong Guk was going to be working with B2ST’s Yoseob, I was interested. He worked on Song Ji Eun (of Secret)’s solo track, ‘Going Crazy’. His new solo track, I Remember is super duper awesome with deep lyrics and great instrumentation, but the MV is like a mini movie!

The video starts off with a shot of police cars which piques my interest. A piano melody flows in to introduce the song while shots of Yong Guk, a piano, sheet music with blood and the main actor(Park Yong Kyu) sitting in a living room.Yong Guk starts rapping, with scene of the actor Yong Kyu going from steamy make-out session with his girlfriend to getting his gun to become a heartless killer.Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend is being held hostage and the only way for him to get her is to kill the bad guy, who is holding her at gunpoint. Yong Kyu pistol whips a few cops then starts shooting everybody. He does end up killing the kidnappers,but he’s covered in blood himself a.k.a dead. The last shot is his spirit catching his girlfriend, who was also shot.

All in all great video: lots of drama to keep me interested and great lyrics with a nice melody. Definitely in the list of great video’s this year.

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