Ailee A’s Doll House

So Ailee is back with her mini album ‘A’s Doll House’, which is available on iTunes, and it is something else!
U & I is a great opener for the mini album. This track is funky with lots of R&B/Soul influence. I’m really loving the horns in this song; it definitely gives this song a jazzy feel.No No No is a pop synth track that is perfect for the summer.

Rainy Day was an attempt at a sort of pop/rock ballad. I want to like this song, but the overall composition of the song is weird. This track feel like she’s yelling for the majority of the song and she does have a set of pipes on her, but this isn’t pleasant to listen to. If her singing wasn’t so scream-y then maybe I would like this track.

이런 법이 어딨어 really reminds me of old Hwayobi, that sort of classic R&B sound. I much prefer this more calmer sounding Ailee. This song is very simple in composition, just a bit of layering of her voice and guitar and some light percussion and piano; that’s where she shines. 열애설 is ok; JeA of Brown Eyed Girls’ helped on the music for this song and the music sounds nice and I can definitely hear her singing a song like this. This wasn’t a very strong track and honestly a little more pizzaz, maybe a featured singer or rapper would’ve made me appreciate this song. I’ll Be Okay is a cute end to the album. This pop synth track is light and another “I don’t need a man” summer anthem.

This mini album from Ailee wasn’t what I was expecting, but it’s not that bad. I think she was trying to show off her voice, which is beautiful, and also have more pop tracks that fit with the mood of summer. I think some of that logic got lost in a few tracks. Ailee’s singing also gets a 10/10, but this mini gets a 3/5!

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