Video Anaylsis: JYJ ‘In Heaven’

JYJ have been taking over! With Jaejoong in Protect the Boss and Yoochun and Junsu in Scent of a Woman. I’m so happy for their new release especially the main song, In Heaven. Now I’ll admit, the last mini album took a little time to grow on me and I just didn’t really like their main sound in the English album. But this song and video are so amazingly gorgeous.

I don’t know about you guys, but can I just spazz about Jaejoong’s new look for PTB? Boy is looking super hot and really mature. Now on to the video:

The star of the video isn’t all three guys, but its Xiah Junsu showing off his acting chops with veteran actress Song Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo is killed in the beginning of the video starting off the video with a very somber opening. Junsu, Ji Hyo’s boyfriend, get’s a second chance to do everything that he wasn’t doing the first time, like actually pay attention to your girlfriend. Well you know second chances aren’t always enough and when Junsu goes to save Ji Hyo, they both get hit and end up In Heaven. Aww so cute right? Yes, but no. First, how in the world did both of them die when the car stopped? Also, if you get a second chance, wouldn’t you try to  keep whatever happened from happening by keeping the girl with you. I get that he’s a busy business man, but I mean just keep her at home, distract her, tell her to stay home anything![ end of rant] But all in al, nice storyline, nice acting,great song. This video  is also going in the top post list 5/5.

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