Hwayobi Summer

Known for her R&B and ballad songs, Hwayobi changes her sound to more uptempo songs on her mini album Summer.

She collaborated with top producer Lee Young Ki who has worked with singers, Ivy and Lee Soo Young.Summer was released July 10,2009.
장미 is an emotional house rhythm song composed by Jun Hae Sung and arranged by Fractal. I love the deepness of her voice in the verses and the crescendo in the choruses.
Pygmalion Effect is an uptempo house dance tune with hints of jazz. It starts off slow and crescendo’s later in the track. This song is one you can dance to and feel happy.
kiss kiss kiss is hip-hop song composed by Hwang Sung Jae featuring her then beau, Sleepy of rap duo Untouchable. This had to be the cutest song especially when performed live, you could feel their love.

둘이 하잖아/We Both Doing It was arranged by Fractal. The song carries more of a techno sound, with a slow beginning and gradually gains momentum. The pulsating is really nice touch.

어린아이(Feat Basick) is a mid-tempo with elements of R&B. The rap from Basick livens up the track.

This was a fun mini album from the R&B diva and a nice change of pace. I really like that she explored a different sound. I rate this 3.5/5!

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