Han SoA Permeate

I was recommended her album from Luminosity and it is a total knockout; I recommend this for anyone who wants light, spring time-y music. The album starts off with 고백 a really simple song and the simplicity of the song makes her voice stand out even more. Her voice is very sweet which goes well with the melody.내맘 훔친 너 follows with more of an up tempo, but still highlighting her voice by keeping everything simple. With the added sounds, the song has more of a jazz sound; very sweet and cute.

I Just Need Time goes for more of a R&B sound, it sounds very similar to the Music Travel Lalala version of Gee that Younha covered in 2009. The song maintains that laid back, carefree feel from the previous tracks. JQ adds a contrast with Han SoA’s soft vocals with his rough sounding voice.Maybe is a mid-tempo song. SoA uses more of a softer sound for this song, by just keeping her voice very light and breath-y (in a good way).흔들지 말아줘 shows off more of her deeper register and the intro is very misleading; although it sounds like it will speed up into a dance track, the melody is complacent over a mysterious beat.


Han SoA’s debut EP was very promising and this mini album did not disappoint. Her singing style is a breath of fresh air and very light and relaxing. I recommend this to anyone who wants a change of pace from the regular electronic  sounds and pulsating beats. 5/5

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