Hwayobi Vol.6 Sunshine

Wow this is the last album from Hwayobi that I haven’t reviewed yet! I do know that before this album was recorded, Hwayobi had surgery done for a cyst, but obviously bounced back to complete this album.

비상 (Intro) starts off the album with a violin playing a sweet melody that lasts a little more than a minute. Continuing in that romantic sound,사랑해.. follows; I Love You is a ballad with lyrics that really touch our heart.The lead single, 남자는 모른다(Men Don’t Know) displays Hwayobi’s vocal range with heart piercing lyrics and also features violins that add a sweet sound to the song.
딜레마 brings in more of the R&B sound Hwayobi’s known for. The song is nice; nothing really stands out but it’s a good song to just bounce your head to. 참 바보 같죠 and 한 걸음도  are ballads featuring violins that add that sweeping sound and really filled with tons of emotion.

Fly Away has some European flare with the use of accordion in the intro; it’s very reminicent of Please Call Me from her 5th album.고마웠어요 is another ballad that is very sad sounding, Hwayobi’s tone is really sad, but after an entire album filled with ballads I couldv’e done without it.흐르고 멈추다 (Feat. Untouchable) is slightly upbeat and Untouchable’s rap adds a little something special to the song. The song is nice , but not something that I would listen to if it came up on shuffle.

Long Kiss Good Night (Feat. 수호) is a fun, dance track that really sticks to a disco sound. Suho’s deep tone compliment’s Hwayobi’s well and makes this song so much better for me.The album ends with two ballads:잊고 싶은 것 and  거짓말 하기 ì‹«ì–´ìš”; both sound amazing but I feel like she could’ve ended with something more lighthearted.

This album was very underwhelming but I totally understand why she stuck to singing ballads for the last album before she got surgery. This album didn’t really do anything outstanding for me, sure there were a few decent songs but nothing to really catch my attention. 3/5

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