Yuya Mastushita I AM ME

I planned on reviewing this a while back,but I’m a lazy person so it never got done.Originally Nyny and I were going to collaborate on this review, but both of our schedule’s were really busy and poor Yuya was forgotten about 🙁 Now I’m here to finish up my thoughts from Dec. 23,2010.

Prologue-I AM ME- starts off the album with a crowd cheering and someone rapping and then ends with a person saying ‘I am me’. There’s not a lot to say about this except that it does lead in YOU quite well. This is pure pop gold. Everything about this song is catchy, the Japanese and English phrase ‘What you gonna do tonight for somebody?’ and the hook is really nice. Plus the rap adds a kick to the song; I just love this song.
foolish foolish has the same melody as Neyo’s So Sick, maybe it’s a cover? I doubt it but this shows off his voice and it’s good to do that early in the album.
Interlude I isn’t really needed, but I guess they wanted to make the tracklist longer? Well it does have the same elements as Mr Broken Heart so I guess that’s cool.Mr. “Broken Heart” features that rippling piano that was in the interlude. This song is very laid back like foolish foolish, but very forgettable.

LAST SNOW is the first ballad and it is gorgeous. From the first word Yuya sang I knew I would love the song. The little subtle violin and intensity during the chorus makes this sound so amazing! 声にならなくて so Yuya’s not singing in this track, instead he leaves that to Sista and this song isn’t that bad but it sounds like Sista feat. Yuya. This song isn’t really great but it’s okay.Agitation is another dance track that lacks that spark that makes a song really god; sure its annoyingly catchy, but all the random English just makes me want to never listen to the song again.
Interlude II slows things down with a simple piano tune. That leads to another ballad ふたり, what a gorgeous song. This is from the Trust Me single and it sounds so just amazing; i love it. 願いがかなうなら・・・ starts off with an English introduction that is a little annoying after the third time. As much as I want to like this song; it just didn’t wow me.Trust Me pretty cute song with a nice pop sound and good use of English. This is one of his best dance tracks.

first snow uses the same melody from LAST SNOW, but I could’ve done without the Sista adlibs in the beginning. Yuya goes back to the awkward chanting/talking, but the chorus is pretty good.その時までのサヨナラ is a pretty good attempt at a rock song. He mixed his R&B style with this rock ballad-esque type song and it worked.Interlude III features church bells ringing from a distance and has this royal feel. Of course that means Hallucination follows with the really majestic feel. The song is nice ad dramatic, but not interesting to me.Kiss me is so happy and disco and fun. There’s nothing bad to say about this song and i really like this style with his voice.Honesty ends the album with a mid-tempo song. I like how the intro starts off kind of slow, then crescendo’s into more of a dance song.

What a great debut from Yuya! I like a handful of songs from this album and i like that he chose to experiment with different sounds.4/5

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