MBLAQ Mona Lisa

Since the release of their single ‘Cry’, last year,I’ve had my eye on MBLAQ because they just keep getting better and better both music wise and image wise. They know what works with their voices and can now start playing around with different sounds, like they did with this mini album.

The album starts off with an intro ‘Ojos Frios (Bandoneon By 고상지)’ filled with the sound of an accordion which really sets the tone of the entire album, 고상지 plays a little snippet of the lead single, Mona Lisa.Mona Lisa follows with its heavily Latin- influenced sound. I love that they kept with the theme that they debuted with and this sound just sounds really good for them. This song is so win for me because they got it right, the English is good, the melody is good and the lyrics are catchy as heck, plus it’s totally jam worthy especially since it was released during the summer.

모르겠어요 follows and doesn’t really keep the same sound; this is more Pop and totally breaks off the feel from the previous tracks. Over all the song is nice, but nothing really stands out.알면서 그래 also doesn’t really follow the Latin sound, but this is slightly better than the latter track and sticks a little more in my mind.

One sounds like something maybe Big Bang/ Justin Beiber would sing; it’s really pop-y and along that sort of sound. This is way better than the previous tracks in terms of catchiness and melody wise.말하지 말걸.. Is like the required slow song for the album, but surprisingly it’s not just G.O. featuring MBLAQ it’s all of them and they sound really great.

Overall the album didn’t really stay with that theme like I thought they would, but I still really like it and it’s definitely been on repeat this week. I don’t know if I would like this enough to buy a physical copy, but I definitely would buy on iTunes. 4/5

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