2010 in Music: Arie’s Top Songs Part II

This is a continuation of part one. This is a condensed version because I don’t remember all the songs I like and I’m too lazy to try to remember them.

Narsha Fantastic
It was really hard for me to pick a song from Narsha; I loved everything on her mini album. Fantastic definitely was my theme song for July. Everything about the song is pure awesomeness; the pulsating beats and

Gil me feat k.will Sorry, I Love You
I love when Gil Me sings and raps in her songs, then she adds K.Will and it’s goes from good to awesome. I also like sad songs, sue me. The contrast in Gil Me’s rapping and K.Will’s singing is nice since most songs have the female singing and the male rapping.

Taeyang feat big tone connection
While everyone else was going crazy over I’ll Be There I was jamming to this. It sounds so Westernized, more so than actual R&B today.

10cm what an awesome group. I fell head over heels in love with them after hearing ‘I’m Afraid of the Dark Tonight’. It’s the sweetest song ever without once saying ‘I like you’ or I love you which is so common in most songs; this song doesn’t need that because all the emotion is already there. I wish someone would sing this for me, until then I’ll just listen to them before bed every night.

4Men collaborated with E-Tribe for their EP You and I loved every song on their, can’t have too much 4men. Say I Love You and U were so sweet and had all that emotion that 4men have a special way of evoking .

2NE1 did have all these catchy, fun dance songs, but what really got me was 아파 (Slow). From the teaser I pretty much knew I would love this song and I do. It really shows off the girl’s voice and summed up my feelings at the time

G.O. Nassun O-Wi-O They really outdid themselves with this one. This is the same Nassun for Lee Hyori’s U- Go- Girl? He’s looking good and then G.O. paired in suits looking suave and grown up! Seriously this song was pop gold.

Koda Kumi released her 47th single I believe and they were winter themed ballads. Now Koda is pretty well known for her raunchy dance numbers but あなただけが was the song that touched me the most out of the three songs on the EP. The sweeping piano in the intro is so beautiful and makes me wish that I would’ve stuck with those piano lessons. I do like the softer side of Koda and this was a nice way to commemorate her tenth anniversary.

Gain Irreversible
Nega Network never fail to impress me with their fresh sound and concepts. The cinematography for the MV was gorgeous and you can tell they actually thought about the concept instead of just throwing some rehashed ‘sexy’ theme and calling it “original”.

BRIGHT Baby Sweet
I really liked the old school sound from BRIGHT. I worried that maybe they had been dropped from their label since it had been quite some time since the release of their album Real

T-Blue Need u Baby
I hadn’t really followed T-Blue since their first single, but I did start listening to them after I heard Nee U Baby. They reminds me of a younger version of 4Men. And it didn’t hurt that they were cute ^^

Christmas Time- Kyun Woo, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Hak Gi, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Gook, Sung Si Kyung, Lisa and Brian.

YWHO家 ft Mei (美), 4Men (포맨) & BeBe Mignon – Christmas Serenade

I love Christmas time and the music that’s played, but sometimes I get tired of hearing the traditional songs. That’s where K-pop comes in! I absolutely love these songs. They managed to squeeze about half of my favorite artist into one song! Yay!

So that was my condesed list of songs, since I can’t really think of every song that I loved. I will also be doing my top albums and MV’s of 2010 so be on the look out for that. Thanks for reading!

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