SOLAR Taeyang NyNy and Arie J

Hi readers! This is Arie J and I wanted to try something new: two people  for an album review. We will make our reviews different colors so you won’t be confuse, Arie J will be pink and NyNy will be in black . So Taeyang’s anticipated full album SOLAR has been released and has been an enjoyment for some and disappointment for others.

SOLAR (Intro) is a really cute intro. I think it’s a really great way to lead the listeners into the album.

The introduction of SOLAR was enough to get me excited for the release of the album. Hearing Taeyang at the start speaking English and the sound of the beat slowly coming in with the lyrics are great. It’s got to be one of my most favourite intros so far this year
I’m not really sold on the synth trumpets; Superstar seems like a bunch of random sounds thrown together and doesn’t really hold my intrest, skip.

It took a while to get into honestly. But I have to say, it has a powerful start  but it’s one of those songs for me that on my iPod, I’ll hear it playing but I won’t listen to it and pay attention since the song seem too important to me.


I Need a Girl (feat. G-dragon) I think  all the teasing really rose the expectations for this song and so I was slightly disappointed with the song and choreography, but now the song has grown on me and it’s cute.

The title track of the album sounded like a sad, love story. Personally, I din’t want Sandara Park in the MV, it should have been me…or Park Bom. G-Dragon’s part shows the strong friendship that Taeyang is having him in this song and what I feel, is that he’s paying him back for being on G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker. G-Dragon even references to Jay-Z and Se7en “Girls I do adore.” But there’s still one question at the end of the day; will Taeyang be able to get a girl like he says in his song? I kind of hope it’s Ji Hye, the dancer cause they have such chemistry when performing the song.

A lot of fans are in love with Just a Feeling, more than INAG and it’s a nice mid tempo song,but I like INAG more than this.

Better than Superstar but still feels like one of those songs that aren’t for my taste. The beat is med-tempo, I think.
You’re My has to be the cheesiest song ever, comparing a girl to chocolate, ice cream and candy is so cliche; somebody get him a girlfriend so he can sing these corny songs to her.This song is cute.

You’re my ice cream, my sweetest ice cream. I really wanna have you” – Aw, the lyrics are absolutely adorable…but I have two different sides to this song. The good part about the song it’s another one of those peaceful songs to relax when listening to when you are alone in the park. But the bad part is when Taeyang starts to hit the highest notes on stage or recorded, after all it doesn’t sound good as you would think it would.

I like when Teddy collaborates with the artists.Move (feat. Teddy) sounds so good in the beginning and then the verses don’t really fit and make the song lag.

Hm…why didn’t Teddy feature on Break Down instead? The song’s not bad but I feel that Teddy’s hot rap should have been moved to Break Down but I guess it was placed here so the song could have more attention. The beat is…pleasing for a while but gets bored in my opinion after all. You could even combine the dancing of “in the Club” by 2NE1 at the start to fit the chorus.

Break Down has this playful sound to it and that’s a nice change of sound from Taeyang. The autotune can be a little tedious, but still a nice song overall.

Upon first hearing this song, I immediately loved it. This is what I wish Taeyang’s title track was but I hope he will make it his follow-up track for this song is amazing. The hip-hop beat combined with Taeyang’s voice – at times goes into auto tone if you listen carefully – is awesome. Need I say anymore about this track?

니가 ìž ë“  후에 sounds like Taeyang tapped into some of  the late Michael Jackson’s famous hiccup. ‘I’m so fly like a bird’ has me rolling on the floor laughing. This song has a laid back club feel.

Honestly, this song comes before Break Down. It’s my favourite song in the whole album, you would think when it starts off, it’s turning into a mid-tempo R&B ballad but when the chorus follows, the beat kicks in followed by the “Eh-eh-eh” part which I absolutely adore along with the sound of clapping to accompany Taeyang’s voice. I’m not sure who’s featuring the song but they sound hot. I think it’s Kush, isn’t it?

When Where U At came out I didn’t really care for it and now that I’ve listened to it a few times, I like it better than some of the new tracks on the album

This song had a lot of hype to it and it’s pretty good. It proudly shows how YG does their music with a great R&B/Hip-hop feel to it. I like to think of this song as “I Need a Girl” Part 1 since the lyrics are aimed at finding his dream girl who is out there. A random Teddy encounter in the song with his random lyrics in English and in the MV, holding an apple – yeah, he is strange.

웨딩드레스 (Wedding Dress) is this albums look only at me; it’s the song that just outshines the other ones and as soon as you hear it, it’s like a hit, everyone knows this song.

What an emotional song and MV to listen to. The dance also fits perfectly with the mid-tempo R&B beat. Taeyang does it again with his second single in 2009 also marking his real comeback into being a solo artist and living up to the expectations of having a powerful song to perform. May I also recommend the chipmunk version of this song? Because it’s simply awesome.

Take It Slow is  a nice mid-tempo track, it’s not really a ballad. It’s a nice way to end the album after taking us through the full relationship that lead him pining for a woman who wanted to move on and now he’s telling some other chick to take it slow.

Now, when I first heard Take It Slow, it reminded me of a song as soon as it hit the chorus. I think it’s called “Wanna Give You My Name” but I have no clue who sung the song, but if you listen to the chorus, you will get the same feeling too. Apart from that, the song is perfect to listen to when you need to relax – personally, for myself.

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