T-ara Absolute First

One & One – Nice intro. This is the club anthem now. It has that beat to it,but it’s nothing really that I consider special.처음처럼 (Like The First Time) – This is like one of those really annoying songs that you don’t want to like, but since it has a good beat and repeatable lyrics, it’s going to be stuck in your head all day. I do like how they change the beat for the rap, sounds like a cd that keeps skipping its pretty cool.( Teaser)

Bo Peep Bo Peep – Sounds like they were saying ‘funky,funky’ in the beginning. LOL Another song that has that addicting beat. It sounds like it could be on a commercial for computers or something electronic.(Teaser)Tic Tic Toc – When I saw the title of this song I thought about Lee Hyori’s Toc Toc Toc. This is another dance-y track , nothing special.Bye Bye – The beginning is sick! It sounds like something you might hear at a fashion show. Good song for modeling or clubbing.

Apple Is A – This is from their CF for apples. The beat is the same as Say Goodbye just sped up. Cute ,but not enough to listen to. It sounds like it should be a theme song or something.Falling U– despite the engrish, this song is really nice. Great beat and it really shows off their vocals with a R&B feel.

Say Good Bye – This has that dance feel like TTL and the beat is kinda eerie. Good track.거짓말 (Lies) (Dance Ver.) – I prefer the slow version.TTL (Time To Love) – I think this was the best marketing idea that they had for these girls. T-ara + Supernova + catchy song= overnight success.거짓말 (Slow Ver.) – This version was featured on that drama ,Soul, that ex-member JiYeon starred in. This definitely has a creepy vibe going on with it, but it works.

TTL Listen 2 – As if TTL wasn’t addicting enough, they made a remix equally as great.
좋은 사람 (Good Person) – This track was back before they had Boram. This song really shows off their vocals, which you somethimes are beautiful since they hide them behind all the autotune. A nice ballad.놀아볼래? (Wanna Play?) – This is like their song telling who they are. Kinda too cute for me and I’m getting tired of all this electronic.

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