ICONIQ Change Myself

Guess what skp readers? This is my first Japanese album review on the site! I really enjoyed listening to ICONIQ’s debut album; it was better than what I expected. What I like about this album is that they experimented with a lot of different sounds.

I think the theme for this album was story-like with the first track being titled the prologue. Prologue is extremely cute and features a mother with her child teaching them how to say ‘Change Myself’.

I’m lovin’ you is a very fun upbeat song featuring Atushi from boy band EXILE. This is like synth pop heaven paired with some drum beats.

Change Myself is obviously the title of the album and title track. It is very addicting due to the bass drum layered with a bit of synth and repetitive ‘I’m changing もっと change for myself/I’m changing もっと change for myself’.

LoveShineMagic is bland compared to her other tracks; it doesn’t really stand out to be and never really reaches its climax, you’re just left waiting for it to finish.

BYE NOW! starts of with some guitar followed by some backing vocals and then synthesized instruments it’s a really nice combination. Then a harp joins in followed by some chants and ends with someone beat-boxing needless to say this track is gold.

I.D feat.VERBAL is nice and has some computer/digital sounds floating around in the back and more synth. I really like the spelling of Identity and Verbal livens up the track that would otherwise be boring.

Finally something close to a slow song!No Distance has a nice R&B feel with a dream like instrumental and soft drum beats. This is very emotion filled and very relaxing ; another gold track.

Crystal Girl is the track that a lot of other listeners enjoy, but I don’t really care for it. The PV however is a different story. I enjoy her PV’s ; they are all visually entertaining.

I don’t know why so many people dislikedLike A Virgin I think she did a pretty okay job considering the fact that she doesn’t speak English.But why did she have to pick this song to cover? It really doesn’t fit into the album well and makes you wonder what the producers were thinking when they just threw a random english song on here.

Epilouge this is really like a ‘I got my fairy-tale ending, I have a stadium filled with people at my concert‘ vibe going. I’m not sure if that is really what’s going on with it but it’s a nice way to end the album.

Overall Review: This is a pretty solid debut album. The concept was simply different and she executed it brilliantly. I think that she looks beautiful with her head shaved and a lot of people couldn’t really pull this off because you have to have (1) the face for it and (2) the confidence.

Recommended Tracks: lovin you,Change Myself,BYE NOW!,I.D.

Rating: 4/5

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