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'Sup guys. The name's Abee, and my biggest passion (besides schoolwork) is music -- all different kinds of genres, languages... whatever that has a beat and some vocals, I'll listen. Feel free to tell me if you have any albums/songs I can hear. I'm pretty open-minded, with the exception of several genres of country. That's a huge no-no for my brain.

Epik High Lovescream

Everyone needs love — an emotion essential to the composition of the human being; an emotion that makes up the human being… a very important one that allows us to feel and form relationships with other beings who want and yearn for the same feeling you do. Love is a strong word, overly used in our American society when we say, “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU.” and many other phrases similar to such when we talk to someone we’re casual or friends with. Love no longer holds that special meaning… Continue reading Epik High Lovescream