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Everyone needs love — an emotion essential to the composition of the human being; an emotion that makes up the human being… a very important one that allows us to feel and form relationships with other beings who want and yearn for the same feeling you do. Love is a strong word, overly used in our American society when we say, “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU.” and many other phrases similar to such when we talk to someone we’re casual or friends with. Love no longer holds that special meaning… that hidden emotion deep within the human soul, that yearning for that person who is so close to your heart. What does our society say about love today? Well, Tablo looks at this emotion and says:

“Some call it love and some call it sex — opposites.
Call it what you want, but with one touch and you’re gone, so call in sick.” [Lovescream]

Epik High is never disappointing in their music, singing, or lyrics, and their first EP, Lovescream tops it all off. Every song has a meaning, it has a purpose, there’s a theme within those lyrics that needs to be heard, thought, and understood; listened to as well, but why release an EP instead of making it a legit album? There’s something Epik High wants us to understand, and that is that love — most important human emotion of them all — the meaning and our understanding of what it is has become twisted in this day and age.

The album includes seven songs:

1. Butterfly Effect
2. Fallin'(ft. 조예진 of 루싸이트 토끼)
3. Harajuku Days
4. 습관 (Habit)(ft. 하동균 of Wanted)
5. 쉿 (Shh)
6. Epik_High_-_1_Minute_1_Second
7. 1825 (Paper Cranes)

If you want to get into this album, I highly suggest these songs:


  • In almost perfect English, Tablo incorporates many themes into this one song about today’s “love.” His rap is outstanding as well, but more important is the symbolism he raps about.

1 Minute 1 Second:

  • Tablo here raps about a girl he took for granted, but in the end when she leaves, he realizes that he really did love her and understands that he’ll never get her back. It’s just a sad, beautiful song with so much emotion packed into four minutes of music. I wind up crying sometimes, especially when I watch the MV for it.

***P.S.: Thanks to Arie for letting me write reviews!

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