Super Junior BONAMANA Single

The word BONAMANA translates from Korean into “beautiful.” The perfect title for SuJu’s latest album!

Before this Labor Day holiday comes to a close, I want to review one of most recent albums I have just heard, literally exploded on and became overly hyper on. Super Junior released their fourth album, BONAMANA, at the beginning of May 2010. And while I really am not a huge SuJu fan, I have to admit that this album in ingenious by incorporating “American electronica funk and hip hop… African rhythms and club house beats into the melody.” (source)

Truthfully, the first time I heard BONAMANA, I really didn’t get into it for some reason. The song sounded bland at first, but after forcing myself to hear it a couple more times (with the MV — wonderful one speaking of which) I began to grasp the beats and become immersed in those funk, hip-hop, and African influences… but it was the club house beats that won me over. *I’m a sucker for some really good techno/house/electro music.* However, I find that there’s nothing more satisfying than a wonderful combination of music from different parts of the world coming together in one song and creating something great and new.

Link to the BONAMANA music video here!

Catchy song & hot men in the MV… what more could you ask for?

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