Simon D SNL League Begins

Simon D is one of those rappers who’s amazing at both rapping and singing and isn’t cocky and walking around like he’s the best thing ever; I like that. Also, he’s super adorable and charming, who says rapper’s have to be ‘gangster’ all the time?( If you want to preview what the CD looks like , check out this review from kpoploveunboxing)

퍽이나(intro) feat. DJ Friz sounds way better than most intro’s on albums. This is actually a good representation of the rest of the album.에헤이(Eh Hey) feat. 조휴일 of 검정치마 has a similar sound to the beat in Cheers only in the intro. Simon D’s rap style is less flow-y and more like having a rap battle; like off the top of his head rapping. There’s a bit of singing in the chorus, but it’s not too memorable. 컴플렉스(Complex 3) feat. B-Free, 지구인 of 리듬파워 starts off with a old Spanish song and breaks in to a rap from B-Free and Ji Go In. This song really relies on that trumpet from the Spanish song and that old school feel; this song is more like a rap battle. Following the rhythm isn’t the main priority and having a chorus isn’t all that important. This sound is very raw; I like it.

짠해(Cheerz) – 타이틀곡 is such a fun song; it really shows off that aspect of the drinking culture of someone in their early 20’s. The MV embodies the song perfectly and acts as a great visual representation of drinking. Cheers~! 히어로(Hero) follows a similar style of Cheerz and Eh Hey.  †his song has a stronger chorus; the verses are great and I love the other sounds going on in the background.

Stay Cool feat. Zion.T was the first single released and I was late as usual on the music train.  I could make a video and fangirl the entire time about how much this song was like the most chill song ever made, but I’m not. This song has an R&B backdrop and Simon D just adds in this slick rap that isn’t overwhelming and all shout-y; it flows nicely and compliments Zion T’s catchy chorus. The MV isn’t anything special, but if you want to check it out, watch the official version here. 끈(No More) feat. jonggigo reminds me of this song by Bill Withers. I like that this song is that jazz lounge style, very smooth and the chorus works really well with the overall song.

해부(Body Rock) goes back to that remixed beat and lively sound. The only complaint is that this song sounds so similar to Hero, just without the strong chorus; I’m not really liking this song as much. 힘(We Got feat. Dynamic Duo, Boston Horns) sounds very latin jazz influenced. 혼자만 남은 오후 (Gettin’ Better)opts for a strong spanish sound with a trumpet introducing the track.  The chorus sounds like there’s some reggae influence.

All in all this album is a nice representation of Simon D.’s solo work. I really dig the spanish and jazz influence strung throughout the album. I feel like some tracks could’ve been stronger, but it’s still a good listen. 4.7/5

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