Lee Hyori H-Logic

I’m Back is Hyori’s theme for her entire album; she’s back and unless you’re living under a rock you knew that already. This is a good way to start off the album; it’s not too much going on it just has simple beats and is catchy. Vocal wise we all know that she isn’t exactly a powerhouse , but for this song she controls her voice really well and makes the song enjoyable.

Love Sign -Ft. Sangchu (Mighty Mouth) wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, when intially reading the tracklist, but I still don’t exactly like it.

ah…Chitty Chitty Bang Bang(ft.Ceejay of Freshboyz) The first time I heard this song I thought : she’s gonna blow up the charts, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. One, she’s “Korea’s sexy diva”( but really who isn’t a sexy diva if they can’t do a ‘sexy’ dance on some variety show?) and two, kpop fans will support no matter how good or bad the song is. After listening to a couple of times, I think that it’s one of the better songs on the album.

Feel The Same has a retro/laid back sound from Hyori that makes me like this song. IT’s not even like the best track but her laziness on this track makes me feel relaxed.

I think Bekah and Jiyoon steal the show in Bring It Back -Ft. Bekah (After School), Jiyoon (4minute) and I totally forgot that this wasn’t a After School/4Minute collaboration feat. Hyori. The lyrics are playful and the repetitive horn in the back makes this a hit.

Highlight -Ft. Bizzy definitely has a nice beat and an American feel to it. A definite dance track that’s a nice listen.

그네 -Ft. Garry (LeeSsang) I think most people are so turned off by the MV that they don’t care to listen to the song. The song starts off with a spanish guitar and a laid back sound. As much as I like LeeSsang, I think this song could’ve done without the rap.

8. Scandal: This song is alright and that’s all I have to say about it. Just kidding! The whistling in the background reminds me of Mickey! and of After School’s Bang!. The whistle is just a tad too much, but the song is okay.
H: Hello
R: Hi Lee Hyori, I’m Reporter Kim. Are the rumors about your love life true?
H: No
R: Psh, I heard you already got married, is it true?
H: I said no
R: Psh, I only called because I know its the truth. How long have you guys been going out?
H: I said its false
R: What? Hey, how come you’re speaking informally?
H: Yes, I’m speaking informally. Aren’t you younger than me?
R: Yo, I’m still a reporter. Hmph, I can send you away just like that okay? You, be careful
H: What? Send me where? You want to send me to a goddess throne or something?
R: Hey, Ive recorded everything. Ill send it out okay? Ill send it out
H: Send it, send **. What else are you going to do?
R: Yo, **, hey you **. You **. Just because you’re Lee Hyori you think you’re all that?

100 Percent seems like a shout out to 2NE1 (” I’m 31, not 21 and I don’t care”). I like the song, but it doesn’t really stand out from the other tracks and seems like a filler track.

I think Want Me Back reminds everyone of like a part II to TaeYang’s Wedding dress or the 2008 MKMF stage that Big Bang and Hyori did together.
Like most people, I think the harmonies in How Did We Get (Duet w/ Daesung (Big Bang) make the song. When Daesung jumps in at the chorus, it sounds really good. Other than the singing, the song is average.

So Cold I like the beginning of this song and I think that’s all that makes the song interesting.

Get 2 Know(Ft. Double K) Has a nice repetitive piano in the background that makes this song a little more bearable.

MEMORY(Ft. Bizzy)I like Hyori’s effort on singing in this song! A nice way to end the album and not too overpowering or overbearing.


Overall Rating: 3/5
Recommended Track(s): Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Want Me Back

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