Secret Moving In Secret

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Secret released their first album, Moving In Secret. They are often overlooked especially when they debuted, but after Magic,Madonna and Shy Boy were released they gained a (slightly) loyal following. Out of all their releases, I think their mini album Madonna had the best style.

사랑은 Move(Love is Move) sticks with that retro-pop blend of their previous singles. The music video is very lively, bandstand, ’50’s style that’s not overdone and blends in modernity pretty well. This song is cute and fun; but I’m just tired of the retro concept from them especially as title tracks, so this isn’t something I’d listen to more than once.
섹시하게 (Sexy) goes for more of a pop-rock sound and still keeps that ‘Starlight Moonlight’ sound. I think they were trying way too hard to sound sexy that it comes off really fake.
웃지 좀 마 is an acoustic pop-ballad; very soft and simple. I would compare this to ‘Empty Space’ from Madonna. The harmonies are too die for and you can hear the emotion in their voices. Zinger’s rap goes so well with the song and doesn’t overpower the singers; it flows well. Movie Star is what Madonna could have been; really jazzy and taking you back to that period of old Hollywood with black and white films. The highlight of the song is the rap; Zinger was on fire! I think this would’ve worked better as the promotional single instead of Love is Move. It’s classy and it’s obvious the producers spent some time on this song.
Zinger gets down in her solo track Amazinger (Zinger Solo). It has an old school/’90’s rap style and is extremely jam worthy. The song intro’s and ends in beat boxing and mixing. I love this way more than her solo on the Madonna album; Zinger’s like ‘I’m the stuff. the end’ and I love the cockiness; it works for this kind of song.

Together is an R&B/pop slow tempo song, but different from the previous slow song. Their tone is sweeter in this song and sounds lighter. The song basically says to always remember the happy time together. Zinger’s rap is pretty cute. Their English is also adorable, not overbearing engrish, but well pronounced English. 바래(Hope) is a lively pop-rock song. I feel like this song doesn’t really flow with the retro concept, but I do like it. Their voices stay light and flowy, not really belting out notes and it just sounds peaceful.
Bastard steps back into that retro feel; it’s fiesty and a girl telling off a guy for taking her love for advantadge.  This is like a slower version of Love is Move, but less cute and more like telling a guy off. Neverland ends the album with a sweet sound like Together and Hope had.  So I may have praised ‘Empty Space’ as the best Secret song, but this is a close second.

Was Moving In Secret the best album of the year? No, but they had some really strong tracks that showed off their vocals and personalities.  Not that Zinger is overshadowed, but I feel like she was included more in their first album. I would say this is a pretty decent first album. And one thing I love is that they didn’t throw previous singles on here and have like 2 new songs.4/5

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