G.NA Black and White

In my opinion G.NA was one of the few idols who can 1) actually sing and 2) really knew what she was doing as a rookie artist. She just had that stage presence that most new artists lack and her debut single was like pop gold – the perfect song to show off her vocals and still catchy enough for anyone to sing along to it. The songstress released her first full length album January 17. The album features songs from her EP including the hit, ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’.

* A lot of the songs on her first album are from her EP, so you can just click here to read about those songs.

Black & White, the lead single for the album, is fun and flirty, but after having such a powerful debut song I thought this song would follow in that sound. The MV features 2AM’s Jin Won as Gina’s boyfriend who are complete opposites. Overall, pretty okay track to start off the album. 이제 그만 í™” 풀어요 [with 준범, 현규, 현석]/ (With Joon Beom, Hyeon Gyu, Hyeon Seok) (Let’s Makeup) is also a cute sound. The singing style is like a lasagna : G.na, featured artist, G.na, featured artist.

처음 뵙겠습니다 [with Wheesung] follows with a simple piano melody that sounds exretemely close of the Christmas song ‘Last Christmas’. This song is pretty simple and arouond the chorus, the two sing together with G.NA’s voice overpowering Wheesungs which is very odd. This song is okay. 벌써 ë³´ê³  싶어 a simple R&B style song. It has this old school sound to it, so nothing new there; this song is also an okay listen but nothing really outstanding.

첫눈에 한눈에 [feat. Verbal Jint] I think these two really love making collaborations together. G.NA delivers strong vocals with Verbal Jint rapping and normally I love VJ’s rapping, but this song is very lackluster and forgettable.The album ends with 소문났어요(Rumors), a song from her debut mini album.

I think a lot of this album was hit or miss. She had such a great debut single/mini album that its hard to really make something a hit. I think a lot of the new songs on the album were okay, but just didn’t pack that punch that I was waiting for. I give this 2/5.

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