Hwayobi This Is Love

Hwayobi returned to the spotlight with her mini album, This Is Love. The R&B songstress received an additional boost through her collaboration with Fly To The Sky member Hwanhee in the TV program We Got Married.

The mini-album opens with English track,This Is Love, which she collaborated with American producer Gary Haase who has worked with singers like Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson and N Sync. The song is light and goes well with Hwayobi’s airy voice.

우리 사랑해요 /’Let’s Love featuring rap duo Supreme Team and Hareem on harmonica is another light song talking about the two people loving each other. The harmonica adds a jazzy sound and the rap from Supreme Team add some character to the song.

The self-penned title track,반쪽/Half, deals with a desperate woman in love. The song is upbeat sound that’s more contemporary. I don’t like the dark feeling사랑을 믿지 마세요 has, but there is a nice guitar interlude that sounds nice and that’s about it.

Bad Lady has Hwayobi’s voice layered and it’s not that great sounding. It seems like they needed another song, so they pick this. However I do like this line in the song: ‘Cause I’m gonna be bad’ It’s very sassy. I do love the original but반쪽 (Acoustic ver.) has so much more raw emotion that you can feel when you listen to it and the piano adds a nice dramatic effect.

I really got to know Hwayobi through We Got Married and I’m happy that I did. She has an amazing voice and fun personality. This mini album was very fun and youthful; I rate it 3.5/5.

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