Best of 2011: Albums,Singles and Music Videos

Hello my lovely readers! I hope all of you had an aamzing Christmas or whatever you celebrate. I had to start all over since  I lost the paper with all my commentaries on it 🙁 Anyway, I finished this as soon as I could and I hope you enjoy!

As you can see, this years format is different than last year. I decided to only do one large post so that it wouldn’t be so difficult to find the accompanying posts. I hope this is easier for you to go through.

Childish Gambino-Camp
What an amazing album! I’m not the biggest rap listener, but Childish Gambino  made me love him and this album as soon as I heard the first track. This is definite must listen for everyone.

For the indie scene, 10cm is the band to listen to. This album was funny, quirky without loosing their original style. I love that this album still keeps their simple sound and fun lyrics, but just upgrades it.

LeeSsang AsuRa BaBalta
One of the top rap duos in Korea finally came out with a new album and I have to say I was very impressed. They had so many wonderful collaborations with Jung-In and Tasha and all these other artists that I respect, so it was great to hear all of them on one well put together album.

Brown Eyed Girls-Sixth Sense
I already knew that I would love this album. After a long wait B.E.G. made their comeback and boy was it explosive. The three part high note from JeA,Ga In and Narsha is pure awesomesauce. Hot Shot is also another favorite from the album. I love that they really executed the concept fully and even extended their original release date because they didn’t want to half ass it; I admire them so much.

SNSD 1st Japanase album
I wish all their Korean releases could be as strong as this. Nicely done, there are some great new songs like ‘Great Escape’. I want whoever is producing and writing their songs in Japan, to get to Korea because The Boys definitely isn’t getting it and that album was a very half-assed attempt at something good.

Tablo Fever’s End Parts 1&2
I, like everyone else, was excited to hear about Tablo’s return. He is also another artist that I know won’t ever disappoint. Both albums give insight on how he was feeling during his whole Standford ordeal and I think that was so brave of him. Every note, every beat and every lyric on this two  part release was amazing and I can’t wait for what he and Epik High will release next year.

Adele 21
Who hasn’t heard of her amazing album? I can listen to every song and never get tired. This is an album for everybody; you have the really soulful feel good tracks and then you have the emotional ballads.

Wonder Girls Wonder World
This is their best album yet. Looks like time away in America did them some good and these song aren’t all perfect, but this was one of the strongest idol albums of the year. Me,In and Girls Girls are my jams and I can have it one repeat for days and never get tired of it.

  • Rania-They brought it with Dr. Feel Good; the fierceness that After School seems to have lost somewhere, the sexy and I mean real sexy not that awkward, too short, too tight,  pop-pop-pop all over the place sexy. I loved their debut it was definitely jam worthy and amazing. They have some really good singers in this group and I really want them to get an awesome song that can show all of that off and still be fun.
  • C-Real– Not really well known amongst the kpop fans, but their debut was so solid. They had a really good debut mini album and they show great potential especially when they get some really good material.
  • Eye to Eye– Definitely my favorite rookies of the year. They are so R&B and so grown up. They aren’t idols and they aren’t trying to be overly cutesy or concept-y; they just sing and I love them for that.
  • Dalmation– I know they didn’t debut this year, but I like to forget that whole concept they had before Man Opossed. I enjoyed listening to their mini album and it was heaps better than that other song.

Top Songs:

  • BEAST- Fiction They stepped it up with this. Breathe was almost there, but this was way more mature sounding and hit all the right marks. I have a few favorites from the album, but Fiction was like k-pop gold.
  • Brown Eyed Girls- Hot Shot This was their second promotional single for Sixth Sense and it was hot! I loved when the performed this for their comeback
  • 8eight- Close Those Lips
  • Rainbow- To Me Finally we can see the potential in this group. While I still jam to A every now and then To Me was like a huge step in the right direction all thanks to Daishi. They need to work with him forever.
  • Jung In- Kiss Me & Rainy Season I couldn’t bring myself to pick one of these songs. Rainy Season is so emotional and I can empathize with the feeling of loosing someone very dear and feeling as gloomy as the monsoon. Kiss Me is a much brighter, bouncy tune that I always seem to find myself humming throughout  the day.
  • Verbal Jint- You Look Good Who didn’t like this song? The perfect blend of indie and rap. Plus the video was pretty interesting.
  • Seungri- Open the Window (feat. G-Dragon)  Seungri really outdid himself with his album VVIP. I give him props for going against the norm and working with the other producers and writers in his company. This song is so chill, I always feel like this is the  song that would play on a cloudy day.
  • Dalmation- Real Eyes This song is an amazing song. Amazing singing. Amazing lyrics. It’s just amazing.
  • Hwayobi- 2 the Sky I didn’t really care for Hwayobi’s lead single I’m OK, but this song is so gorgeous. It’s a simple mid-tempo ballad.It’s not as gloomy as ‘A Woman Like Me’ and that makes it easier to listen to on repeat.

*I will be updating this with a playlist for the Music Videos later*

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