Lyn Vol.6 part 2 Candy Train

Lyn offer’s part 2 of her Vol.6 album with lite lyrics, penned by Lyn and produced by Hwang Sung Jae, and fun beats for Spring. Loveholic’s Kang Hyun Min, Humming Urban Stereo’s Lee Ji Rin, and hit songwriter Kim Hyun Chul also composed for Candy Train.

데이트 해줘요/deiteu haejwoyo/Let Me Go Out is my favorite on the album; it reminds me of a song that would be on an OST(Drama Soundtrack) and I think that it’s cute enough without being overbearingly cute.
자기야 여보야 사랑아/jagiya yeoboya salang-a/Honey Honey Love is the title track(the one she promotes on music shows) on the album. I don’t particularly care for it; it’s not what I would imagine her singing with such a strong voice.
The beat in AH.AH! reminds me of Zza ZZa La La!(by As One) It’s elevator music as I call it. Very peaceful, but has a pop-ish beat, not to mention the fact that the saxophone accompanied by the jazzy vibe from the piano really liven this song up.
Special Day gives off a ‘wedding day’ feel with Lyn’s soprano vocals laced between the piano notes.
When Sweetheart starts off, it has a laid back feel that makes me think of being in Hawaii because of the guitar and the soft drum beats.

Overall, I think that this was basically a mini album; a way for Lyn to still stay in the public eye and a  nice way to wrap up her album and introduce Spring.


Recommended Tracks: Ah.Ah!, and 데이트 해줘요

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