Hwayobi Vol.5 5Ëš

Hwayobi , the R&B diva released her fifth album and didn’t disappoint. The album is filled with not only R&B, but jazzy tracks and her signature sound.

The starting track,맴맴돌아 is a beautiful and moving track that showcases Hwayobi’s singing. The power she uses in this song always gives me goosebumps because she just seems to show so much emotion in her voice that it actually makes you feel something. Obviously beautiful vocals that were clear and husky. 사막을 나는 나비 is another favorite of mine. This track is jazzy and catchy, which made me enjoy the song after hearing it more. Though Hwayobi doesn’t showcase her powerful vocals here, she does show us that her voice is very flexible.

ì „í™” í•´ 줘요/Please Call Me is infused a soft latin guitar and beats. Hwayobi’s voice gives off  a vulnerable and sensual feel. She doesn’t show too much power in this song either and keeps the laid back feel. 미안하지만 이렇게 í•´ìš” is a piano based ballad. Her husky voice sounds amazing in this song.

Now we get a little pop with Eternally. I don’t like this and the way her voice sounds in the verses; it’s just not a good arrangement. After that mess of a track we get a R&B song,I’m already gone. I love everything about this song, the guitar, the way her voice sounds, the sensual beat.
I love the guitar followed by a short rift in the intro of 불꽃. Hwayobi goes for a jazz sound with the soft drums and piano. 습관의 노크 really shows that raw emotion, it’s stripped and simple with only her voice and a piano; beautiful.
금새 달아나 reminds me of something Mariah Carey would sing. I love the singing of the chorus and trail of ‘mm hmm mm hmm’ afterwards. 바람이면 좋겠다 starts in a lower key that shows off the husky parts of her voice. A slow song that has the ‘stripped’ feel as well.

Missin’ You reminds me of another song. I do like the piano, but the song doesn’t really go anywhere. 문득 그리운 날에 have the ‘church’ sound to them with the organ. I really enjoy the lite happiness in the song that’s not cutesy.
Scene 5 is a groovy dance track featuring a rap from Gina Kim. I especially like the intro ‘ Can’t you feel this burning light?’ This song is just a fun song and laid back that still shows off her voice. 36.5도 is a R&B track that changes up things with a bass that’s more prominent. You can’t help but rock side to side while listening to this song. The album finishes off with 원 a slow track that sounds like a continuation of the second track.

Hwayobi’s fifth album had numerous tracks that I enjoyed and was diverse in sound. This was a great album; I rate it 4/5.

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