SNSD/Girl’s Generation made their Korean comeback since that mash-up single ‘I Got A Boy‘ with Mr.Mr. The lead single, Mr.Mr, is pretty underwhelming to be the standout track of this mini album. As I said in my video analysis, the  song isn’t bad, but it lacks the oomph of past singles like Run Devil Run or Genie.  The key changes almost lead you to believe that the song is going somewhere, then fizzles out leaving the listener confused. As for the rest of the mini, well it was alright.

Goodbye was a pleasant surprise, we get some singing from Hyoyeon and she sounds good. Other than the good verses, the chorus doesn’t match the verses so this song is a light listen, but doesn’t trump the lead single.유로파 (Europa) sounds like it belongs on their second mini album; it has that cute, lollipop toting sound and doesn’t match the sound that they were trying to go for.  Honestly it’s a forgettable, filler track  and that’s all that can be said about it. Now Wait A Minute is actually a catchy song; it starts out with a chorus of doo-wop in the beginning and while this has that light sound, it’s not so cutesy it’s a more laid back kind of cute that I can actually enjoy.

백허그 (Back Hug) is the standard ballad that every mini album has to have. With that being said, this mini album didn’t have to have this song. It’s an okay song and it’s there to show off how well the group harmonizes, I get that, but in the future the group to stick to slow songs that aren’t so generic sounding. Soul finishes off the album and it’s one of those “girl power” sounding songs, almost like the ‘Way to Go’ song from their second mini album,. It’s an upbeat track with an okay sound, but once the rap started I was pretty much done. SNSD should just stick to singing, rapping isn’t really their strong suit.

This mini album was solid, but as I’ve said before very underwhelming. I was waiting to be wowed and that never happened. Sure the girls sound good, but what’s the point in sounding good with a lackluster single. At least the MV is pretty.  This get’s a 3/5.

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