SISTAR-Push Push

After showing us their dancing skill in their commercials with Jang Geun Suk, SISTAR push their way into our heads with addicting beats.

Here we come cute intro; kind of establishing ‘we’ve finally made it’.
Push Push gives me a headache every time I listen to it. Brave Brothers are famous for their catchy dance songs, but this was really disappointing. From what I’ve heard from radio performances, they can actually sing and this song did not show that at all.
Oh Baby This is by far the best track. I think if they would have debuted more people would be like them but at the same time they might have not gained much popularity like when Secret debuted with 1 Year 3 Months.
Push Push Inst.

Overall Review:
Since there were really only two full tracks it’s had to really critique this ,but if I had to but down a score it would be :


Recommended Track: Oh Baby

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