Block B Do U Wanna B?

I heard all the hype about this group, but I nenver got around to actually listening to any of their music. One of my favorite readers/ commenters aznsaranghae requested that I review this, so I will! Block B is a new 7 member boy band created by Cho PD. This group is a bit like what Supreme Team or Dynamic would be if they were paired with a group of singers.
The EP starts with Wanna B, a synth filled beat and strong rap with some singing. It’s interesting to hear more rap than actual singing, but it’s a nice opener for the rest of the album.그대로 멈춰라! (Freeze) is a nice mix of pop and rap. The techno sounds are balanced out with the smooth singing and fierce rapping. This is different from the typical K-pop song; it doesn’t have the catchy chorus, but it is so good and fresh.
나만 이런거야 closes to EP with a more laid back sound. The raps more softer and theirs some rifts layered behind the rap. I like the piano paired with the R&B sound; it’s a nice switch up after the heavy rap.

I wasn’t going to review this group, but I thought ‘What the heck!’ and I’m glad I did. I like Block B’s sound; it’s unique and the fact that they have creative control makes me interested in their writing and producing skills. 4/5!

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