Perfume – Nee/ねぇ

01. ねぇ (Hey)

They can sing without the auto-tune yet they use it. Perfume is known as a Techno-pop 3 member group in Japan and quite successful. There’s something about Perfume and their strange attempt since debut to use autotune in their songs that actually is quite successful and makes me go back to the J-Pop scene.

I really admire them and I was happy to hear their new song, Nee/ねぇ meaning Hey that sounds a lot like why I fell in love with them after hearing Polyrhythmn a year ago and liking the group. Nee, from what I’ve picked up from their live performance seems to be about getting another person’s attention (from what I translated). The song itself is pretty addicting too.

FAKE IT sounds like the kind of song you would hear during a Christmas shopping department store in Japan and then it calms down for a while and sounds like it would be a good song to dance to. It’s a pretty likeable song as the beat picks up but it does irritate a bit with the random use of sound effects in the beat.

If you’re able to stand autotune for the entire song, you’ll like Perfume. And I would have to say this single is pretty good and exactly Perfume’s style. It’s pretty good but if I had to choose out of the two songs, it would have to be ねぇ.

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