BoA Identity

I think in almost every BoA review, I compare her voice to this album. BoA made her comeback to Japan with Identity, an album that she produced after her attempt in the US.

Identity debuted at #2 on the daily Oricon albums chart with 14,023 units sold in its first day and at #4 on the weekly chart with 37,606 copies sold, making it her first Japanese album that did not chart to number 1, ending her streak of studio albums debuting at #1 on the Oricon weekly charts. “Identity” also became BoA’s only studio album to not reach over 100,000 units sold and not receive certification.


I have been contemplating whether or not I wanted to review this album. I hated it when I first listened to and now I can listen to a few songs without getting bored. I know that I always say how much I hate This Is Who I Am, but I’ve grown quite fond of it, even if it doesn’t have a climax and feels like the longest song I’ve ever listened to. Don’t expect a lot from this song because it lets you down big time, but I do love the jazz/blues elements. EASY is a bad attempt at a dance song. no, BoA, just no. This is so disappointing. Not feeling it at all.
I love m-flo and I love anytime BoA does a collaboration with them or Verbal. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo) is no different. It’s catchy; it has character . I like to think of it as a mini Love Bug reunion. It would’ve been nice if they had added IZM from the a-side. LAZER is a bit like EASY, except I think it’s pretty good. It sounds like a video game or something from the ’80’s.

Honestly I never really got the use of interludes. What are they supposed to do? interlude #1 was just Boa I assume walking and then opening a door. Does this have anything to do with the next song? Of course not they just wanted to waste time! is this love is a slow tempo song. BoA’s vocals are anything spectacular but it’s a laid back track; it’s ok.

まもりたい ~White Wishes~, the opening theme of Tales of Grace, is a pretty standard ballad. I wasn’t too thrilled about the song,but she has done better. interlude #2 see  interlude #1.  ネコラブ/ Cat Love has elements of a good, standout track, but it’s forgettable.

THE END そして and… is a nice song. I really love the piano and electric guitar in the intro. This is another simple song, but it has a nice melody. Possibility duet with 三浦大知 Daichi and BoA’s voices blend together really well. I like hearing this live than on the cd, because some songs just sound better live.

I like the piano loop in fallin’, then the auto-tune kinda ruined that little groove I had. The auto-tune isn’t that bad, but since I was expecting something else, I don’t really like the track. The album ends my all, a ballad. I’m a huge ballad person, but this is so boring.

Ahhh BoA I usually love your Japanese work better than your Korean, but this just doesn’t make any sense. Sure this album was more mature, but that doesn’t mean you have to give off crappy songs. I rate this 3/5 and recommend BUMP BUMP!,The END, is this love and Possibility.

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