BoA Woo Weekend

I think after Identity, a lot of BoA fans were skeptical to listen to this single; I know I was. I think this was a was for her to redeem herself and also help out with the Disney’s On Ice 25th year anniversary album.

So the single starts off with WOO WEEKEND, filled with ‘Woo Wee’s and a ‘8o’s/90’s feel.  It’s appropriate for Disney; totally cute, summer-y; catchy chorus and all.

NO DANCE, NO LIFE definitely takes a sample of some old Janet Jackson  and includes some computerized sounds; this also sounds like I’ve been sucked into the ’80’s.

I’m glad that BoA’s focusing on her Korean album, hopefully that won’t be too bad. So far GAME disappointed me and Person Beside was a little bit better.

Rating: 3.5/5

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