Younha Part B Growing Season

In April Younha released Part A of her third album, Peace Love & Ice Cream, and now she’s closing the year with the second chapter, Part B: Growing Up. The album title is fitting for the popular singer who just turned 21 this year, but is already celebrating her fifth anniversary as a singer. Younha’s latest release confirms not only her talents as a singer, but also her great potential as a songwriter..- Yesasia

Release: December 11,2009


01 Say Something
02 오늘 헤어졌어요(I Broke Up Today)
03 좋아해
(I Like You)
04 편한가봐(Must Be Easy)
05 Realize After Breakup (Duet with Kim Bum Soo)

06 LaLaLa
07 스물두 번째 길
08 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Inst.)
09 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것 (Inst.)

Individual Review

Say Something is a great way to start off the album. It’s an up-beat , dance track and makes you feel good.9/10

Title track,I Broke Up Today is another ballad type song that everyone can relate to. Penned by singer Hwayobi, this is such a beautiful song and you can feel the emotion.The MV shows just as much emotion starring Ji Chang Wook & Han Bo Bae.

I Like You has this rock sound to it that brings us back to Password days. A really fun upbeat song and I love the way she says í•´. 8/10

Must Easy is definitely a favorite of mine. This song has a sarcastic feel, as if saying ‘It was easy to get over me wasn’t it?’ Her voice really shines with backing of guitar,drums and piano. I felt that the song ended abruptly though.This song was written by Yoo Hee-yeol( Toy/ the host of Sketchbook) 7/10

Ever since the first listen,Realize After Breakup has been on repeat . This has a really nice R&B feel. Younha and Kim Bum Soo have collaborated in the past together for his 6th album. Their voices melt together. It’s like eating chocolate. I really like her ad-lib towards the end. 10/10

LaLaLa is a jazzy piece. It reminds me of a slower version of 1,2,3. An easy listen if you’re having a bad day and how can you hate these lyrics:



22nd Street is very acoustic-y. I like the blend of guitar and piano. The build up of this song is nice and it doesn’t just leave you hanging i the air; it brings you back down. 8/10

Recommended Tracks:

I Broke Up Today

Realize After Breakup


Overall Rating:

5 Stars

Must buy!

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