Lady Collection Lady Collection

These girls are definitely in the same league as Brand New Day,Seeya and Davichi. L.C. have strong vocals that are shocking for a group that’s debuting. Ji Eun and Sei were previously solo singers having their debuts in 2007 under a separate company.

Ladysh (레이디쉬) – From the first few seconds alone, you can tell these girls have strong vocals. This song reminds me of a younger version of Big Mama with a mix of Brown Eyed Girls.It’s a really fun way to start off the mini-album.

훔쳐보기-슬픈말 – This is their title track called “Watch Secretly”. Very beautiful mid-tempo ballad with nice repetitive lyrics and I love the intro: “cause I love you, think about you, cause i need you think about you“.

Poker Face – The intro has a point where it sounds reminiscent of KARA’s ‘Break It’.Love the harmonies.

아는 오빠 (Know Him) – This is like a lullaby; very soft and delicate. This sets the tone for kind of the end of the album.

ê·¸ 누구보다 (Than Those Who) – This song is simply beautiful. I believe it’s Ji Eun that hits that high note from 2.39-2.44 … amazing.

Overall Review:
This is a really strong debut album, unlike most group who just do okay and haven’t really found their singing style and a way to stand out. I think that may be the fact that two of the members were formerly solo artists and you can definitely tell. I’m happy that this trio formed between them and can’t wait for more music from them.

Recommended Tracks: Watching Secretly,Than Those Who

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