Vanilla Acoustic 2nd Story: 두 번째 비

I remember exactly how I found out about this lovely group. It was back when I was still on WordPress as Saranghae…Kpop and I was surfing through my friends blogrolls. I clicked on Neko28 and that’s where I randomly downloaded the mini album and fell in love. This group is like the epitome of relaxing music and their covers are so great, check out their profile! Goodbye June… easily became my favorite with its fun,light mood and the girls peaceful harmonizing towards the end.굿모닝 레이디/Good Morning Lady follows in that light, happy feeling from the previous track and sounds pretty much like the title suggests: a good morning.

Constant No.2 is still guitar based like the rest of the album, but it has a piano and has this stripped down sound. This song is like a ballad more and I could definitely hear this on a drama; once again it’s laid back.ë‚´ 남자의 자격/Qualification Of My Man reminds me of a song that did I think with Humming Urban Stereo. Anyways this song is that upbeat feeling and makes me incredibly bubbly and happy every time I listen to it.

니가 없이도 is a bit darker than the other songs and showcases the singer with the Alto voice. This song explores more of a soft rock sound; a nice contrast from the rest of the EP.꿈에 잠들다/Lies In A Dream finishes off the mini album with the smooth feel of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I know that I pretty much said the same thing about every song, but this EP was just chill and something different to listen to if you’re tired of the same old pop music and want a fresh new sound. If you’re looking for some rejuvenation, then listening to this will make this spring feel happy and light.

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