Clazziquai Mucho Punk

Classical jazz,funk and group Clazziquai went on a short break for Alex to release his solo album ‘My Vintage Romance’ and Horan to join project group Ilbadi and release Never Ending Story. The group came back together in 2009 to produce Mucho Punk.

I have been listening to this group every since I first heard Romeo and Juliet on We Got Married. Mucho Punk kept that techno fun that Clazziquai is known for and took it to a more modern level. The album starts off “Chocolate Truffle”, featuring Alex’s sweet voice over a soft guitar and drum. Extremely relaxing and great to listen to if you are in fact eating chocolate truffles or any desert for that matter ( I know I’m so corny, I tried). Next Kiss Kiss Kiss, a sensual song filled with synth and Horan’s soft vocals. Following is the album’s title song, Love Again featuring a strong house rhythm with Alex taking the lead and Horan in the background.

사랑끝에/At the end of love is one of my absolute favorite tracks. This an amazing song combination of  Horan and Alex’s voices that made me realize how much I missed hearing them sing together. Tell Yourself is an upbeat song with a really nice flow to the way the verses and chorus are sung. The vocal composition is really  interesting and works really well with the repeating backbeat. This song was also really popular on the Japanese charts.

Back in Time leans more to the electronic sound. I really like the repetitious ‘back in time’ in the intro, but the verses are drowned out by the heavy synth layered over it.
Finally, an all English song,Lazy Sunday Morning was also used in the soundtrack for ‘Le Petit Nicolas’. This blends Horan and Alex’s voice over a simple guitar. Another favorite of mine with it’s laid back vibe.

Another English track, Take A Walk, with Horan on main vocals. This is a beautiful soft song that mixes piano with nature like techno sounds. You can feel all the emotion and it’s hits you in the heart. The Road is different from what the group normally does; it’s a techno song with a slightly rock feel. Alex has a darker sound on main vocals  and the beats remind me of  groups likeThe Killers, Coldplay, or Keane would sing.

Spinning World is another song with Horan as main vocals and also in English. This song has the ‘If U Seek Amy’ by Britney Spears beat in the intro. This song has more of a breathy sound from Horan. I love the combination. Rapunzel has a nice Spanish guitar and is so relaxing. Everything about this song-the melody, the lyrics, the instruments- are simply amazing. The album finishes off with  Wizard of OZ a song released for a Korean commercial and also as a single for the album. This song has a mix of  bubblegum pop and  techno feel.

I recommend this album to fans or anyone who is tired of the dance songs and want some fun,relaxing and techno music from a group who know what their doing. I recommend At the End of Love, Tell Yourself, Lazy Sunday Morning, and Rapunzel. I rate this album 4.5/5

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