f(x) NU ABO

f(x) didn’t really wow me with their debut single, but it was so catchy that I found myself singing it /dancing to it. Then they released Chu~ which made me want to go slap whoever wrote it, but once again it was catchy so I  was singing it/dancing to it. After I heard, You’re My Destiny, I fell in love and decided to review this album.

NU ABO– I seriously hated this when they released it and it has definitely grown on me since. It’s still not the best track, but it’s catchy.

Mr. Boogie– Unlike most fans, I don’t really care for this track. It has a nice beat, but that’s really it. I feel like it’s about to go to the climax point and then it doesn’t.

Ice Cream-I don’t care for the intro or the chorus, but I like the beat it’s dance-y. I don’t know why but I can actually  listen to this song and not feel like it’s torture on my ears.

ME+U-The beat of the song reminds me of this really old ’90’s song. WTF are they doing with their voices; that’s not cute it’s annoying. Their obsession with trying to be cute is not really pleasing in this song.

Surprise Party– A mild tempo R&B/Pop track talking about a girl preparing for her boyfriend/significant other’s birthday. Cute without being too overly cute; it’s nice.

Sorry (Dear. Daddy)– Arguably the best track on this mini-album. This is basically Luna’s track; her voice blows Krystal out of the water. But they do have some great harmonies.

Recommended Tracks: Nu ABO, Suprise Party, Sorry(Dear Daddy)

Overall Review:

NU ABO was a nice mini-album filled with diversity in each track my only problem is why didn’t we get to hear Sulli and Victoria. I have never heard neither one of these girls sing like a slow song: Sulli’s talk/rap in Nu ABO is not singing. My final complaint: When are they releasing an album? I’m tired of half-assed single’s and this mini-album was okay.

Rating: 3/5

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