J.ae Sentimental

This entire album is a breath of fresh air. It’s an album that I can relax after a stressful day; it’s a nice break from constant dance tracks and auto-tune every song I hear. J.ae is in a genre all her own; not K-pop or R&B; it’s from the heart and that’s what I admire about her.Most people don’t know who J/J.ae is and didn’t know thats she has been in the music business for over ten years. Some quick facts about her:

  1. She’s Korean-American
  2. She’s close with As One
  3. She’s underrated like most great singers

The album starts off with this sultry track,NO.5 (Rap Feat. Eun Ji-Won) and I’m instantly in love. Actually I didn’t even know that she was having a comeback, because so many other people were coming back at the time and no one really talked too much about her. I think Eun Ji Won’s rap adds a little something extra without stealing the spotlight fron J.ae.

Whoever wrote 끝을 말할 순 없어도 (Feat. MBLAQ ‘지오’) is seriously genius with pairing them together. This song is simple the sweetest thing ever; the way Jang Goon G.O’s powerful voice and J.ae’s soft vocals blend is so beautiful. The MV isn’t really anything special, just some scene recording the song and spending time together:

I think most people know Brown Eyed Soul for their song, but now Jung Yeop collaborated on 사르르 Softly(I wanna be your love) (Feat. ì •ì—½) and it’s a really good duet. Jung Yeop’s rich vocals marry J.ae’s soft vocals for another great collaboration.

거짓말 isn’t exatcly a ballad, but it’s too slow to call mid-tempo; it’s in between. Definitely reminiscent of some Mariah Carey and Rachelle Ferrell. It slowly builds up and climaxes sadly, with only a guitar solo.

Love is a very intimate, acoustic guitar based soft ballad and I interpret it as telling someone that you love them indirectly.

널 사랑했을까?(Did He Love You) adds a mix of R&B flare with J.ae’s breathy vocals paired with what sounds like a flamenco guitar; very dream like.

Angel’s Disguise(코리아나 화장품 ‘오브로’CF 삽입곡) is the only fully English track and it is simply beautiful. The song is piano-based paired with simple lyrics and fills you with a sense of completion and leave the listener wanting more.

Overall Review: If you love to take a break from K-pop, then buy/listen to this album. J.ae brings back this nostalgic ’90’s R&B/acoustic feel to the album and it’s amazing!

Recommended Tracks: the entire album

Rating: 5/5

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