Infinite Evolution

All the boy bands are coming back after the last years invasion of girl groups, one of them being Infinite. I adore Infinite because they are super talented and you can tell they work their butts off. They released their second EP, Evolution January 6,2011.

The thing I just love about this group is that 1) they are always in sync when performing and 2) they mix in an old school sound with their sound. The album starts off with Intro(Evolution) where you can hear hints of BTD. Following is BTD(Before the Dawn), the title track. This song is dramatic and mixes electronic and acoustic elements. Its more dark compared to their first single, Come back Again from their firts EP, Invasion.

Can You Smile reminds me of Epik High for some reason. The song is lighter and happier than the previous track. It’s talking about how the guy is remembering a past relationship and basically their singing to a girl asking her tosmile more. Hysterie has references to Michael Jackson all over it. The beat, the dance. The beat is just a bass and an assortment of horns, really groovy, bounce beat.

마음으로.. (Voice Of My Heart) is a sad slower song talking about rejection. Its nice to hear them sing something slower. 몰라(I Don’t Know) ends the album with a heavy guitar through out. The song isn’t as great as the rest of the album, but it’s a strong way to finish off the album.

I love this mini album, hopefully they’ll release a full one soon. I  hope that they can win some awards with this and maybe top the charts. I recommend you buy this album and I give this a 5/5.

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