2011 Collaboration CD Giveaway

It’s that time of year again! CD Giveaway =)

Unlike Earcandyexpress’ 1st CD Giveaway, this contest is a collaboration giveaway with our fellow partners Luminosity& Bump This. We each will be giving underrated albums!
Do check out the rules and CDs below and remember to join in if you’re interested~

Rules & info–
1. Please provide your name, contact information and all usernames/ID for each site that are associated with the giveaway.
2. You must follow all three (on Twitter):
– a. earcandyexpress
– b. mardi_09
– c. music4ursoul
3. Ways to earn bonus points:
– Subscribe to our Youtube channels:
– a. earcandyexpressnet
– b. musicforyoursole
– c. MardiLuminosity2
– Subscribe to our blogs:
– d. Bump This
– e. Earcandy Express
– f. Luminosity
Tweet or post about this giveaway on your blog/site

– Please submit an entry for each thing that you did. (i.e. entry 1 – name & contact info, entry 2 – followed “x” on Twitter, entry 3 – subscribed to “x” blog, etc.) [If you do not want your information disclosed on the blog, you can choose to email me at saranghaekpop@live.com

– How winners are chosen: The more entries you submit, the more likely you will be chosen to win a CD (like a raffle). Winners and CDs are picked randomly to be fair for everyone.

– Contest ends March 2nd (so keep re-tweeting, re-posting & visiting all three sites ^^)

CDs –

Mate – With Mate

Dia Vol. 1 – My Story

Standing Egg Vol. 1 – With

One Way Vol. 1 – Rainy Days (Autographed CD) + One Way Mini Album – Oneway Street (Autographed CD)

Piggy Dolls – Mini Album Style

Navi – Hello

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