SHINee Romeo

SHINee came back with their second mini album, Romeo and I was excited to get more music from them. Then, they released their concept pictures and I wanted to throw something at their stylist. Dressing up like a little kid isn’t “fashion”, it’s tacky. Anyway, I decided to listen to the album despite their choice of clothing.

The album starts 니가 맘에 들어/Talk to Me, with Key spelling out SHINee over percussion. Then  a short rap from Minho. The electric piano is infectious over the random English thrown into the bridge.  Following is the worst song from them, Juliette, that used the instrumental of High School Musical star Corbin Bleu’s Deal With It. I didn’t like Corbin’s Deal with it and I don’t like Juliette. I known Jonghyun wrote the lyrics, but this was kinda lazy on their part. Why couldn’t they just write a new song that wouldn’t get ‘Hey  isn’t that Corbin Bleu’s song?’ on every video?

They cover Marques Houston’s Case of You, titled 차라리 때려/Hit Me. I do like  SHINee’s version only because there’s no autotune and it has more of an R&B sound.  Just like the title, Senorita has some Spanish flare with Key leading the track with a little Spanish.Jonhyun and Onew share a duet, 잠꼬대/Please Don’t Go. I really like the fact that Jonghyun wasn’t screaming all over the place and let Onew have some of the spotlight. The album ends with 소년, 소녀를 만나다/Romeo + Juliette, a laid back track with little autotune.

This isn’t the best from SHINee but the mini album does have a few gems; Senorita and Please, Don’t Go are my favorites. I give this mini a 3.5/5. Could’ve been better and the concept wasn’t my cup of tea.

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