Go Eun 거짓말(Lie)

Go Eun is a singer who doesn’t get any recognition, it’s frustrating to a fan like me who really wants to see her shine. The mini album was released in 2008.

The album starts with 거짓말 featuring Suho is a nice mid tempo R&B/ Pop song that talks about the lies that were told to a woman by her beau. The thing about this song is that the song may be just okay, but I love the timbre of her voice; very deep and husky sort of like Hwayobi and Gummy. Go Eun’s voice is so beautiful and of course the rap from Suho definitely livens it up.

I don’t know why 너였기 때문에 didn’t get popular, it shows off her velvety vocals and has a laid back beat. My favorite song from her to date. If you’re reading this Go Eun, get more songs like this.

Spread My Wings sounds like it could be an OST song. The ‘groovy/’70’s beat isn’t really my style. I get that they wanted a fun track for her, but this just isn’t working for me.

Crispy Paradise is a cover of the song by Korean group, asdf. Very relaxing and makes me feel like I’m lying in the sand in a sweet paradise.

I had never heard the original version  until after I listened to 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 (Ballad Ver.) . This is a wonderful ballad, complete with the build up and all the ‘사랑해’s to make you want to go watch a drama. But, seriously I do like this version better than the original.

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