Narsha 나르샤

I love Brown Eyed Girls and I’ve been a fan since the Leave Ms. Kim days. I was very happy to hear that Narsha was releasing a mini album. This mini album is probably the best I’ve heard in a long time; every song on here is absolute gold!

Fantastic starts off with this infectious beat that just makes me want to dance. I just realized that it sounded  like a better version of  BoA’s GAME.

삐리빠빠/Bbi Ri Bba Bba isn’t really different in the K-pop scene; it just combines these strange beats that are so rare to hear on the K-Pop scene with a really dark concept and pull it off exceptionally well.

There is nothing that I can’t say aboutI’m In Love. I’m in love with the song and I had never heard the original version until I read that she was doing a cover of Ra.d’s song. She made this song her own and I’m so glad that she stripped this down to her, a piano, and a guitar.

Queen B has this Mercy(by Duffy) feeling especially with the piano in the intro of the song. A totally fun song about being the queen.

Radio Star is like the Brown Eyed Girls’ sound all that’s missing is a fierce rap from Miryo. This beat is a little reminiscent of My Style

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