Melody Says: DBSK (TVXQ) Releases “Keep Your Head Down”

The thumping beat from fans’ speakers tore through the internet like wildfire as DBSK released their new comeback track, “Keep Your Head Down” three days above the scheduled date. So how’s the infamous pair do as a newly formed duo? We’ll break it down for you below!

The song is actually better then a lot of people thought it was going to be, including me. Not to say anything against Yunho and Changmin, because they’re both talented, but because there were serious expectations that arose when the news came in that they’re were going to go forth as a pair. From the thumpin’ beat, to the catchy riffs, to Changmin’s rap bridge near the end, this song is very versatile in style and attracted both male and female audiences. I’m still not a fan of Yunho’s high voice rap and still don’t comprehend why he scales his own rap voice however, both project incredible talent on screen.

The video is pretty fun to watch to and since the focus is solely on those both, there’s a lot more to see. Check out the video and song below.
Credits:Kpopsubs1 + 909urnobody909

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